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Get a FREE chance to WIN your money back, from  dance classes, Uber rides or Amazon the choice is endless  you can even add your favourites, from your local corner shop to your electricity supplier if you pay it you can add it and win. 

It's simple, We have two offer types

Merchant Offers

With “MERCHANT OFFERS” we work with merchants to transform say a 10% discount into an exciting 1-10 chance to win, The prize it’s paid for by the merchant and you can find the offers on our offerwall.

WWUB Offers

“WWUB OFFERS” also on our offerwall BUT you can also add any merchant you wish,
from your local ice cream parlour to your favourite takeaway to your electricity supplier.
You can easily nominate a merchant and we will add them within 24 hours, once added you can play for any transaction.
The prize is paid for by WWUB, but with "WWUB OFFERS" you need “GAME CREDITS” to play, you get 10 free game credits when you join and can earn more when inviting friends or choosing to share anonymized transaction data.


It’s all made possible by using the Opening Banking APi’s. We have access via apis to over 20oo Banks in the UK and EU.

You choose and connect to your bank via the WWUB, give permission for WWUB to view your transaction, with your permission we can see when you make a purchase with one of our merchants and once this matches a current offer then we create a game, it’s safe and the process of banking api’s is governed by the financial authorities.

You don’t have to change anything you normally do, you just connect your bank account or card to WWUB pay for the things you like to buy from the merchant you like, and pay in the way you like, and get a free chance to win you money back.