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We Turn A Boring 10% Discount Into An Exciting 1-10 Chance To Win and much more.

WWUB for brands

WWUB gives your customers the chance to win their money back.

The chance to win not only rewards but also encourages spending by gamifying shopping.

You the merchant set a discount which we convert into a chance to win, we monitor player transactions via opening banking apis which means 100% accountability and no customer change of behavior or merchant integration.

Get transaction insight on your customers spend by sector and by compiatiater, based on their anonymised transactional data

Create a chance to win campaigns for your Influencers to offer to their followers and gain both increased sales and insight.

Get More from your influencers

Get more than just likes, shares and followers from your influencer  campaigns.

Get transactional reporting to understand the true value of your campaigns and increase spend where it’s working best.

Give your influencers a great offer to win to their followers to increase engagement.

transactional insight

Find opportunities with new and existing shoppers based on insights gleaned from our aggregated and anonymized transactions, of our customers’ data.

Act on insights

 Turn insight into action to drive progress toward your goals, increase rewards for the customers of most value to your business. 



Target staff or students at specific companies or universities, input the email address that players must have in order to view or access offers e.g for offers exclusively for facebook staff. Target the customers of your competitors with transactional insight. Run both offline and online campaigns.


Once a game is played the details are stored on blockchain  with player details hidden allowing 100% security and transparency.

No Integration

No POS Integration 100% Relaibabel, We receive  transactional data from the customers bank or card issuer via secure opening banking apis insuring 100% accountability and accuracy.  

No Training

No Staff Training required nor change of behavior for the customer, create offer go live.


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