Merchant landing page

Benchmark your performance against your competitors, with first party customer transactional data.

Using the Opening Banking APi’s. We have access via apis to over 2000 Banks, Store Cards and Payment Processor  in the UK and EU, Which means you as a WWUB merchant partner, would be a click away from being connected to….

Over 400 million consumers,   Zero change of behavior.

four core propositions

Traffic & Sales 

Create a discount say 10% on our platform, we will convert this to a 1-10 chance to win and promote it to our player’s via our offer wall. Target or limit your offer to players based on their current spend with competitors, location, college,workplace etc.

Promotion & Eggagagement 

Reward your customer with the chance to win, encouraging sales and social amplification, winners will post and tell their friends, make a small discount of say 5% far more attractive as a 1–20 chance to win. Just create an offer on WWUB and promote it via our integratable widget on your website or checkout or in store via QR code. 

Transactional Data

Get first party transactional data from your customers, get detailed pie chart reports showing your customers spend broken down but upto 10 competitions, see spend by basket value and monetary transaction. Players need to perform a clear 2nd opt in to take part in data sharing and in return they are rewarded with game credits, it's designed to transparent and rewarding.

Influencer Performance Campaigns

Create an influencer campaign on our platform, set the odds for followers to win if they purchase. Set a percentage of sales revenue as a reward to the influencer. get rice Get first party transactional data, reward influencer based on performance and run campaigns both offline and online.