Earn More ,
Reward Your Followers,
Earn Recurring Revenue,

Earn More, Offer More

Earn more from your promotions by offering sponsors offline and online sale based performance tracking and follower insight.

Offer your followers a free chance to WIN THEIR MONEY back if they buy a promoted sponsor’s product.

Earn a percentage of all sales generated from your promotions, if your followers buy you get a percentage of the sale.

Earn recurring revenue with your own affiliate program, as your followers connect to WWUB followers make a return purchase with a sponsor you can receive a repeat percentage of revenue as outlined in the original offer.

Your value and earning will Increase your WWUB follower base grows and your create your own affiliate network of followers generating revenue that is both promotion based and recurring.

Get Started

Discover Sponsor Offers

Discover  sponsor offers on our influencer offerwall when you see one you like send a request to the brand to join with one click and when to be accepted.

Create Your Own Offers

You can create an offer and send it to a sponsor for consideration, WWUB may also choose to pay towards the cost of the winning with the sponsor making this a very attractive offer for the sponsor and a great way for you to increase earning for existing campaigns or increase your attraction to new sponsors.