Earn Game Credits With Your Data

Your data is valuable, brands and merchants want to know about you, but it's the likes of Google and Facebook that get rewarded for your data, not you. We want to change that, we want to give you a better deal.

Here’s how!
We offer a paid service to our merchant and brand partners.
They can request a report on how WWUB players spend their money,
e.g with themselves versus 5 of their listed competitors, (the merchant supplies the list of competitors).
Your data is only used if you agree to this and in return you will receive 50% of the revenue earned from this service, this will be rewarded to you in the form of game credits.
Your data is fully anonymized and in now way connected to your name.
This data is useful for merchants to see how they might improve their service in order to get you to spend more with them versus their competitors.
Your data is never connected to your name or any other identifying aspect
You can opt out of this at anytime after you opt in you are in full control.

"Data Sharing" FAQs

Yes you can and you will find it in the same place as now via the Earn Game Credits link on your dashboard as clear as we can make it.