Gamify: Sales, Data & Refreels. Grow Revenue

With the power of opening banking api's

A Timeless Hook

Increase sales, reward customers with a “Chance” to win back their money.

Turn a boring eg 5% discount into an exciting 1 -20 chance to win


List offers to Win ANY members via our offerwall.

  • Display offer based on past purchasing behaviour received from member transaction data, where we have player permission.
  • Open offer to members based on email. domain e.g 
  • Odds.
  • Max win.
  • Offer end date


Offer influencer and customers a percentage of sales revenue generated by them as reward,  in combination with and offer of the chance to win they can share with their followers.

Offer customers chance game credits as a reward for invite friends who spend. Your customers will be incentivized both to invites friends and shop again.


Option to integrate WWUB into product page and checkout.

The Game can also. be branded and integrate into merchant site .

Reward Customers

Reward customers for sharing data while encouraging spend, using chance game credits.

Game credits allow customers to play to win their money back.

Chooses which players to reward for data based on their spending history with brand or brands competitors.


Benchmark performance against competitors.

Request benchmark reports on customers spend with competitors details

  • Average basket spend per month
  • Number of transaction per month 
  • Your (the brands) market share  

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